We are always pair facts with legal consideration hence how we derived our name ‘pair.fact § legal’

One team with focus to achieve your goals.

Pairfact Legal AG (the firm) is an innovative Zürich based law firm. For us, there is is no substitute for effective teamwork when work to excel in supporting you as our client. Our employees represent Pairfact’s clients with objectivity, knowledge, passion and tact.

How we work

Pairfact Legal AG always provides individual client advice  with regard to the circumstances of the case. The firm sees itself as a long term partner, not aa service provider who typically work on a transactional basis. Knowing the law is a part of the equation where the other parts are understanding the client’s business and the trust between the client and firm hence being a trusted advisor.

The firm specializes in the areas that relate to commercial law. These include commercial tenancy law, labor law and corporate law as well as the areas of unfair competition law, data protection in the EU and Switzerland, general liability law, compliance and general contract law.

As a particular speciality, the firm offers a product called "Fragen Wagen" (dare to ask), takes on board of directors mandates and is characterized by knowledge of German, US-American (especially Georgia) and Liechtenstein (especially company and trust law) law.

The firm has access to a broad, international network and cooperates with specialists in other legal fields.

Pair. Fact § represent

The law firm not only acts in an advisory capacity, it also draws on specialist expertise in court proceedings before national and international courts including arbitration, European and Swiss debt collection law (SchKG).

Latest blog entries

BGE 4A_124/2020: Die Ausdehnung einer Schiedsklausel

Im Urteil vom 13. November 2020 entschied das Schweizer Bundesgericht in einer internationalen Schiedsangelegenheit über die Zulässigkeit der Ausdehnung einer Schiedsklausel auf eine Drittpartei. Dabei überprüfte es die rechtliche Würdigung des Erklärungsverhaltens der mit einzubeziehenden Partei nach dem Vertrauensprinzip durch das Schiedsgericht frei.

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