Arbitration Espresso

Is Arbitration an Option for all Legal Disputes?

There are lots of legal issues that can be resolved in arbitration – but not all of them. Let’s answer those three questions in this week’s Arbitration Espresso!

You can arbitrate a lot of legal disputes, but not all of them. For example, you cannot arbitrate a homicide. If it is a criminal dispute, it is heard in court.

You cannot arbitrate whether you are married, but you could settle financial issues through arbitration. In fact, You can arbitrate other civil law issues, such as contract disputes between a company and a contractor.

What cases can go to arbitration? If the result of your arbitration would apply to more people than just you and the other party, you can probably NOT arbitrate.

Arbitration may be the best choice for your legal issue. Want to find out?  Schedule a call with our team.

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