Arbitration Espresso

When Can I Choose Arbitration?

You have the constitutional right of access to courts . In order to NOT go to court, you can choose arbitration as an alternative. You and the other party decide on an arbitrator based upon the specific nature of your legal dispute.

The law allows both you and the other party to go to arbitration to settle your dispute – but only if both parties agree and must do so expressly. You can imagine that once a dispute or argument begins, it can be difficult for both parties to agree to anything.

The best way to ensure that both parties agree to arbitration is to make sure it is in the underlying contract. A commercial law attorney can draw up a contract that makes arbitration the required method of dispute resolution  

Arbitration is a great way to resolve differences but only if both parties agree – and arbitration is not always applicable for all legal situations. Need answers to your arbitration questions right away? Schedule a call with our team.

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