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At Pairfact Legal you will be represented by international lawyers, supported by dynamic trainees and law students. We are constantly - collectively and individually - researching and publishing in our respective fields of law. Three of of the firm’s principles are commitment, dependability and responsability. By living our principles we are growing our people, we are contributing to the profession and our clients benefit from innovative solutions to complex problems.

Lara Michaela Pair

Dr. iur. HSG I J.D. I LL.M. I FCI Arb.

Bar Certified Specialist in international business law (Ger)
Lawyer (CH/D)
Attorney at Law (GA, USA)

Maria Namuma Heise

LL.B | pg.Dip.Law.
Of Counsel

Not admitted to the bar in Switzerland

Harald von Herget

Dr. iur.

Specialist attorney for intellectual property rights (D)
Arbitrator for domain name disputes under UDRP and ADR.eu
Of Counsel

Not admitted to the bar in Switzerland

Melanja Mattig


Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian

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Our employees represent clients with passion and prudence. As a particular specialty, Pairfact Legal AG offers young companies and start-ups a product called "Fragen Wagen"; takes on board of directors mandates and, despite its manageable size, is distinguished by its familiarity of German, US - American (especially Georgia) and Liechtenstein (especially company and trust law) law.

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Computer Controls AG reports on their experiences with Pairfact Legal AG.

The tennis school Topspin GmbH reports on their experiences with Pairfact Legal AG.

Landolf & Huber rend compte de son expérience avec Pairfact Legal AG.

Fix Gerüstbau AG reports on their experiences with Pairfact Legal AG.


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Computer Controls AG reports on their experiences with Pairfact Legal AG.

The tennis school Topspin GmbH reports on their experiences with Pairfact Legal AG.

Landolf & Huber rend compte de son expérience avec Pairfact Legal AG.

Fix Gerüstbau AG reports on their experiences with Pairfact Legal AG.

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Lara provided advice to us on an employment law matter. She was extremely competent, knowledgeable and helpful. Her advice, as well as being legally sound, was commercially aware and practically useful, and helped us to successfully resolve the matter. I have no hesitation in recommending Lara to others.

Lara Pair is not only a competent and professional lawyer, but also a network talent. She always manages to create new synergies between business contacts. I thank Lara Pair for the great cooperation.

I had contacted Lara Pair after a legal matter, where I didn't know what to do, to get more information about the subject. After the first conversation on the phone she had already helped me and given me helpful information. Thereupon I had a counselling interview with her and her friendly colleague, who explained my legal situation very well and showed me exactly which options I have and which is the right way. I am very grateful to Lara for the interview, as she was very helpful and supported me a lot in my situation. She took more than enough time for me and I felt very comfortable with her. I can definitely recommend Lara as a lawyer!

Bryan Lopez, BYOS KLG, 10.08.2020

Thank you very much for your competent legal support. I can highly recommend Pairfact. Fast and competent and amazing conditions.

Thank you for your quick answer to my out of hoursSMS question. It helped me a lot. In addition to the 5 stars service there is a cinnamon star on the top. Pairfact is professional and extremely competent!

Pairfact quickly recognized my concern in a particular legal matter. They asked the right questions which quickly  developed into a solution very efficient and well implemented. I highly recommend Parfact.

Recently I was confronted with questions about copyright during a video production, which I could not answer myself. Pairfact has been able to give me competent advice and above all timely well-founded fact based answers to my questions. The result  - contributed to the successful implementation of this video production. Pairfact is staffed with highly competent, and responsive lawyers. As a lawyer I know a good firm when I use one!

Pairfact have successful taken care of  customers payment issues. Thank you very much for your firm’s professional engagement. I can now concentrate on my business and not have to worry to much about debtors.

I can only recommend Lara and her team. A very fast and competent legal support that really helped me. Thanks you very much Lara and Pairfact

I recommended Lara Pair to an entrepreneur from abroad who was looking for an excellent lawyer in Zurich. After he contacted Lara and she advised him, he called me again and thanked me for the great contact. He has now found his go-to lawyer for Switzerland in Pairfact, says the entrepreneur. What better way than getting this kind of feedback than by recommendation. Thanks Lara and Pairfact!

A person, who still owed me money, recently moved back to Germany and probably thought that was the end of the matter. There was no reaction to my attempts of contacts. Only when I brought Pairfact and Lara into play (she is also admitted as a lawyer in Germany), the person was suddenly available again and paid her debt within 2 weeks. What I tried in vain for more than 9 months, Lara managed right away.

She is the absolute professional when it comes to collecting money. Many thanks to Lara for your help.

Lara Pair coached me for a court hearing so well that I did not need a lawyer to succeed. Many thanks. I can warmly recommend her support.

Flexible - uncomplicated - professional Lara Pair is very flexible. The exchange rate of information was easy and uncomplicated. She did represent me professional at every times. I can only warmly recommend Lara Pair!

Trustworthy, competent and solution-oriented! I warmly recommend Lara Pair and her team.

Lara Pair has been able to support me in various areas with her expertise and experience in legal matters. I am happy to recommend Lara M. Pair to others.

Pairfact has already provided us with legal support in various areas and was also personally present at contract negotiations,  so that we could give us excellent advice directly and on site! We can definitely recommend highly and will come back to Pairfact if we need legal advice, help or support again!

Lara knows how to stand up for her clients' rights with great dedication - and she knows how to demand it. I can thank Lara for her extremely professional work!

Lara always supports us in a helpful, extremely competent and timely manner and always focuses on the essential facts. Many thanks for the great cooperation!

Pairfact have been very quick and competent in advising us in a dispute! Even during the weekends and her holidays she was on duty. Many thanks for this, we can warmly recommend her.

I have booked Lara Pair in the context of a consultation to clarify the legal question on the subject of "strategic partnership". Due to her high level of expertise and her strong human instinct, Lara provided me and my business partner with optimal support. We particularly appreciated her coaching skills and the targeted questions she asked in order to be able to assess the decisive findings and legal consequences.

Thank you for the pleasant and competent cooperation and can recommend her and Pairfact at any time.