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Lara Pair

About Lara

Law is one of my greatest passions; I started Pairfact Legal in 2015 with the aim of building a well-rounded team of dependable international lawyers. I myself am qualified in three countries; I have a vast network and an extensive list of qualifications. I have considerable experience with corporate clients and feel confident handling large scale projects. Alongside this, what makes me a successful lawyer is my ability to provide clear answers to quick questions in a practical and approachable way.

What truly sets me apart in the legal field and beyond are the core attributes I have cultivated throughout my career. As a lawyer, I bring a unique set of skills that not only enrich my legal practice but also elevate my capabilities as a business coach and consultant. These attributes have shaped my approach to problem-solving, communication, and negotiation, making me a multifaceted professional you can trust to deliver exceptional results.


But my journey extends far beyond the confines of law. I embrace a holistic and practical outlook on life and in business, recognizing that true success goes hand in hand with balance, well-being, and meaningful connections.

My experience as a lawyer has profoundly shaped my professional journey, equipping me with skills that go beyond the courtroom. As you embark on your business ventures, you can trust my capabilities as a lawyer, ensuring unparalleled support and guidance tailored to your unique needs.


  • 2018 | Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Company, foundation and trust law | University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, FL

  • 2011 | Dr. iur. HSG | Grade "Very good" (5.75) | University of St. Gallen, RWA, St. Gallen, CH

  • 2006 | Diploma in law | Saarland University, RWF, Saarbrücken, D

  • 2002 | Juris Doctor (JD) | «with honors» (Top 15%) | Emory University School of Law, Atlanta, USA (Top 25 US Law School) | three honorable mentions on the „Dean’s List“ and an „Award for Excellence“ (Litigation law)

Supplementary Qualifications

  • 2016 | Specialist lawyer course "International Corporate Law" | ARBER Verlag, Stuttgart, D

  • 2014 | Certificate in Advanced Studies – CAS "Litigation" (according to the Swiss Civil Procedure Code) | University of St. Gallen, IRP-HSG, St. Gallen, CH

  • 2013 | ICC Advanced PIDA Training in International Commerical Arbitration

  • 2013 | Member of Charted Insitute of Arbitrators Course

  • 2013 | Course Certificate in University Didactics | University of St. Gallen, HDZ-HSG, St. Gallen, CH

  • 2009 | Lehrgang zur Fachanwältin „Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht“ | ARBER Verlag, Stuttgart, D

Professional Memberships

  • Bar of Zürich (ZAV)

  • Swiss Bar (SAV)

  • Bar of Frankfurt am Main (RAK Fra. a.M.)

  • Bar of Georgia, USA

  • Member of the Fellow Charted institute of Arbitrators (FCI Arb.)

  • Member Worldwide Independent Lawyers League (WILL)

Fields of Activity

  • Arbitration

  • Company Law

  • Compliance

  • Drafting of contracts and Contract Management

  • Dunning process / SchKG

  • German Law in Switzerland

  • Judicial and extrajudicial proceedings before national and international courts

  • Labor Law

  • Start-Up Consulting

  • Trademark and copyright law


  • German | Mother tongue

  • English | Excellent knowledge

  • French | Good knowledge

  • Spanish | Basic knowledge

Lara Pair

Dr. iur. HSG I J.D. I LL.M. I FCI Arb.

Lawyer (CH)

Bar Certified Specialist in international business law (D)
Attorney at Law (GA, USA)

Meticulous attention to detail, ingrained from my legal background, underpins all aspects of my work, ensuring comprehensive guidance and support for your business ventures. I believe solid foundations are built on attending to the finer points.

Attention to Detail

My legal journey has honed precise analytical skills, enabling me to dissect complex issues and offer insightful solutions to business challenges, always mindful of the bigger picture and long-term goals.

Analytical Acumen

Clear and persuasive communication lies at the core of my legal practice, fostering an approachable and understanding demeanour as a business coach and consultant. I prioritise creating a supportive and empathetic environment where your voice is heard and valued.

Effective Communication

A mastered art in the legal arena, negotiation empowers me to navigate intricate collaborations. I adopt a collaborative mindset, seeking win-win outcomes to contribute to your long-term success

Negotiation Expertise

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