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Lara Pair

Dr. iur. HSG I J.D. I LL.M. I FCI Arb.

Lawyer (CH)

Bar Certified Specialist in international business law (D)
Attorney at Law (GA, USA)

Harald von Herget

Dr. iur.

Specialist attorney for intellectual property rights (D)
Arbitrator for domain name disputes under UDRP and
Of Counsel (Self Employed)

Not admitted to the bar in Switzerland

Maria Namuma Heise

LL.M | Pg. Dip. Law

Of Counsel

Not admitted to the bar in Switzerland

Kathrin Cornelius

Dr. phil.

Of Counsel (Self Employed)

Not admitted to the bar in Switzerland

Bonnie Thottukadavil

B.A. HSG in Law and Economics

Legal Trainee

Not admitted to the bar in Switzerland

Get to know the Pairfact Legal team

Our Team

At Pairfact Legal, you'll be represented by international lawyers, supported by dynamic trainees and law students. Our team is deeply committed to the core values of genuine Listening, Resourceful Assistance, and Authenticity and Care. Continuously, both as a collective and as individuals, we engage in rigorous research and publications within our specialized fields of law. These values underpin our operations, fostering our team's growth and actively contributing to the legal profession. By embodying these principles, we continually offer innovative solutions to complex problems, benefiting our clients with progressive legal strategies.

We understand that legal also has an element of empathy - with people and business

We're committed to providing resourceful assistance. If immediate help isn't possible, we'll diligently find the right solution within our team to ensure you get the support you need.

Resourceful Assistance

At Pairfact Legal, genuine listening is our foundation. We prioritize understanding our clients' needs, ensuring every concern is heard and addressed with care and attention.

Genuine Listening

Authenticity and care drive our actions. We prioritize your best interests, steering clear of profit-driven motives to ensure every decision is made with your well-being in mind.

Authenticity and Care

Our Values

Laura Maxharrj

Executive Assistant

Christina Forrer

Executive Assistant

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