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Specializing in commercial law and related fields, we excel in supporting young companies and startups through our unique service, 'Dare to Ask.' Our expertise also extend to handling board of directors mandates. What sets us apart is our deep familiarity with German, US (especially in Georgia), and Liechtenstein law—particularly in company and trust law. Our primary focus is delivering optimal outcomes for our clients. In certain cases, this might involve making difficult choices, such as declining mandates or engaging trusted external specialists. However, irrespective of the team composition, our collective dedication remains unwavering toward achieving our clients' objectives—with a positive attitude and a commitment to success. Our core aim is to ensure our clients achieve their goals through every available avenue.

You're trying to prevent conflicts, facing a lawsuit, or considering legal action against someone. These may include arbitration, litigation or mediation.


You want to start a company, close a business, navigate financial challenges, seek legal guidance for corporate compliance or governance, update your bylaws, establish agreements among owners, or resolve conflicts with existing or new partners.

Company Law

You want to ensure your organization meets legal standards and regulations, or you are and NGO or GO who would like to create unique standards and requirements for your organization.


You are an EU or Swiss online shop or company who would like to ensure that it complies with Data Protection regulations.

Data Protection

You need support as a creditor or debtor in matters of dunning under the SchKG in Switzerland and in European and German dunning proceedings.

Debt Collection Process/SchKG

You are looking for specific advice regarding German law or you are seeking access to a wider network of German lawyers.

German Law in Switzerland

You need advice on international contracts, court proceedings, arbitrations, negotiations that may be private or public. You have a cross-border conflict and require and international network of lawyers.

International Law

You need help to draw up employment contracts, advise on employee shareholdings, regulations, manuals or short-time work, company or compulsory holidays, exemptions and terminations. You are an employee or an employer who needs help with labour disputes.

Labour Law

You want to register your trademark or you want to know if it is worth it. You want to defend against an accusation of stealing someone's trademark or someone has abused yours or your name, your image or copied your website.

Trademark and Copyright Law

You need to draft a written agreement with a partner or another business, want to explore franchise or licensing options, require clarification on your existing contract terms, need terms and conditions for your business, seek labor contracts, aim to establish a company contract, or intend to create inter-company guidelines.

Contract Law

You want to start your own company or have already started your own company. We offer our “Dare to Ask” package for new entrepreneurs which includes practical legal help and training for the first few years of business.

Startup Consulting

Begin by reaching out to Pairfact Legal. We are here to listen and help from your very first inquiry. Please be advised that at this stage a mandate is not yet concluded. A mandate is only concluded upon signing of the agreement.

Get in touch

Step 1

During this phase, we will assess your situation and devise an initial strategy to address your concerns.

Free 20 minute consultation

Step 2

Once the details are refined and you are satisfied, you will sign the agreement and we'll initiate your project with precision and professionalism.

Project Commencement

Step 3

Would you like to work with us?

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